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Our actions

Our actions

Autism diagnosis and therapy

At the JiM Foundation, we have been making efforts to ensure that autistic people have access to diagnostics and therapy. We diagnose approximately 300 people all over Poland every year. Suitable diagnosis and therapy, supported by scientific evidence, are critical to the correct development of children as well their functioning later in life. Last year alone, the persons under our care spent almost 15,000 hours in therapy classes.

Diagnosis and therapy of autism are carried out the JiM Foundation Clinic by an experienced team of experts, including certified therapists. We use diagnostic instruments, including ADOS-2.

Education for autistic people

We run a kindergarten, schools and Group Therapy Workshops. We want to make sure that autistic children and adults have access to education and activities that improve the quality of their everyday life.

  • The therapeutic kindergarten of the JiM Foundation is a free establishment specialising in the therapy of children with the autism spectrum. Our certified specialists work with the pupils using customised therapeutic programmes adapted to their stage of development, taking account of their strong points as well as the barriers that prevent them from learning new skills.
  • JiM schools are educational and therapeutic establishments for children with the autism spectrum and other disabilities, where we focus on improving the quality of living of our students.
  • Group Therapy Workshops is a form of social and professional rehabilitation for adults with disabilities. Our goal is to prepare people to function better in everyday life, improve their social skills and help them find employment.

TeleJiM helpline of the JiM Foundation

TeleJiM provides remote assistance to persons with the autism spectrum as well as their parents and caretakers. Callers receive professional support from experts of the JiM Foundation, information about autism, advice on the problems they may face and reliable answers to their questions. The friendly atmosphere of the conversations and their anonymity can make the callers feel safe, which is particularly important to autistic people and their friends or family.


Volunteers support our activities and work with us every day to build a better world for autistic people. They provide regular assistance during education and therapy activities and are involved in various initiatives. One of the forms of volunteer activity is the “JiM Volunteer Work. Poland” programme, where the volunteers help the families of autistic people and adult people with the spectrum who request such assistance in their towns.

Quiet Hours

The Quiet Hours initiative is designed to make shopping easier to autistic people and to raise the public awareness of autism. It involves our collaboration with chain stores that introduce measures designed to cater to the needs of autistic people, including, in particular, preparing a map of the place, reducing the noise and illuminance level at specific times and providing a priority cash register for autistic people. All this is meant to make the shopping experience more friendly to people with sensory hypersensitivity.

Light It Up Blue, Poland

Each year, the JiM Foundation runs the “Light It Up Blue, Poland” public campaign, which concludes on the 2nd of April, on the World Autism Awareness Day. The campaign is designed to build autism awareness among the public. It has a single, unique message every year. The goal of the campaign is to work towards greater acceptance of autistic people and build awareness of the nature of autism and the wide range of its spectrum. During the campaign, the JiM Foundation engages in various activities in order to reach as many people as possible. Additionally, we encourage public institutions, educational establishments and private companies each year to light it up blue with us on the 2nd of April. Certain places show their support symbolically – by organising marches, performances and lectures. During the campaign, the Foundation creates and publishes related materials or reports.


Subaccounts are one of the forms of support for people with autism and their friends or family, enabling them to acquire and collect funds from the 1% of the tax that can be donated to charity or from donations. The money acquired this way can then be spent on therapy, treatment or extra support for the child.

JiM Club

The JiM Club gathers people with the autism spectrum, their parents, caretakers and specialists. The idea behind the Club is to ensure mutual assistance, build acceptance, provide expertise and improve the quality of life of people with autism and their friends or family. Club membership guarantees constant contact with the Foundation, legal support and access to a closed Facebook group, where parents can exchange information and advice and support each other. Members of the JiM Club are also entitled to dedicated discounts.

Report an issue

The JiM Foundation provides legal advice and engages in legal interventions in defence of people with autism and their friends or family regarding acts of discrimination or cases connected with social and living matters. We help with the preparation of pleadings, phone calls and mediation and consultations with the authorities on the central and local level. Our legal advice is free of charge, and it is based on the documents presented to us. In 2019 alone, we have carried out over 1000 legal interventions, mediations and consultations.

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