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KRS 0000127075
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A ward of the JiM Foundation detained by the Police!

Marcin on the autism spectrum, a ward of the JiM Foundation, was with a friend on a school field in Tomaszow Mazowiecki. He had a bandanna on his face, but no mask. He was stopped by a police patrol. By law, people with autism and Asperger's syndrome are exempt from covering their mouths and noses. However, the police officers were not concerned about this. Despite the fact that the boy showed a disabled person's ID card. They put him in a police car and drove him to the police station. Marcin knew the rules and his rights, so he refused to accept the ticket. The police held him at the station for many hours. The boy refused to be forced to accept the ticket, the case will end up in court. We are providing Marcin with the necessary legal assistance.

This is contrary to the Decree of the Council of Ministers of December 1, 2020 on the establishment of certain restrictions, orders, prohibitions in connection with the occurrence of an epidemic state, according to which people with disabilities are not required to cover their mouths and noses in public places. This includes people on the autism spectrum. We have intervened on this issue. We have submitted a request to the Tomaszow Mazowiecki District Police Station for the police to comply with existing regulations and waive the fine. We are waiting for a response.

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