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Poland in Blue 2017

This year's installment of the JiM Foundation's nationwide social campaign "Poland in Blue" will be held under the slogan "We want to be ourselves." It will be dedicated precisely to adults on the autism spectrum: their alienation and stigmatization.

Special posters about the campaign, co-authored by autistic people, will appear on the streets. Special information points will be launched in more than 20 cities for anyone who wants to learn more about autism, including people who have doubts about whether their child may have autism. At the points they will learn, for example, what the most common symptoms of the disorder are, how it is diagnosed, and where to turn for help.

On April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, during the finale of the campaign, several thousand buildings in Poland will light up blue - the color of solidarity with autistic people. There will also be dozens of mass events: concerts, performances, picnics, sports events organized by the JiM Foundation.


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