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Poland in the Blue Autism. Learn before you judge

JiM Foundation on April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, organizes another
social campaign "Poland in Blue"

Autism. Know before you judge

Thousands of places in Poland will light up with the color blue on World Autism Awareness Day, April 2. The JiM Foundation is once again organizing the "Poland in Blue" campaign, this year under the slogan: "Autism. Know before you judge." This is the largest campaign in Poland aimed at raising awareness of the disorder. Parents of children with autism are organizing information points where everyone will be able to learn everything about the disorder.

On April 2, thousands of places across the country will light up blue in Warsaw, including Zlote Tarasy. The Presidential Palace also lights up every year. In Łódź, Manufaktura, one of Poland's largest shopping and entertainment centers, among others, will light up blue, and in Gliwice the main events will be concentrated in Silesia's well-known Forum Gallery, but open events are also planned: the "Catch up with Autism" run and a special bike rally. But that's not all. Schools, kindergartens, foundations, associations, public institutions and companies from all over Poland will join the campaign - there will be events, performances and games everywhere: all of them will be open, and the JiM Foundation invites anyone who not only wants to have fun, but show support for people with autism. The finale will be - as always - to shine blue together, because blue is the color of solidarity with people with autism.

New to this year's edition are 22 parent-led information points, located at action events. They are intended for anyone who wants to learn more about autism, including people who have doubts about whether their child may have autism. At the points they will learn, for example, what are the most common symptoms of the disorder, how it is diagnosed, where to turn for help. Unfortunately: the majority of Polish parents already at the stage of looking for an answer to the question "does my child have autism" are left on their own: family doctors send them away empty-handed.
To take care of a child, they have to give up their jobs and careers. Toddlers end up in schools, where they collide with a wall of misunderstanding. A map of events and a list of consultation points can be found at

You, too, light up for children with autism and join the Poland Blue campaign!
Show that you don't judge.

Thank you 🙂

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