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Guide for parents of children with autism: Friendly separation of preschooler from parent

Guide for parents of children with autism "Friendly separation of preschooler and parent".


JiM Foundation experts have prepared a guide for parents of preschoolers on the spectrum, for whom staying in kindergarten can sometimes be a challenge. Get to know 6 rules for a friendly parting of a preschooler with a parent. They will make everyday goodbyes easier!

You can download the guide in the form of a printable poster HERE.

  1. Your goodbye should be short, cordial and calm. Smile at your child, hug him and leave him in the care of the teacher. Do not prolong this moment - it will be easier for your little one.
  2. Agree with your child on the same way of saying goodbye, such as "kiss, hug and you go with you" or "hug, pat on the back, have a nice day, goodbye." In this way, parting will become another stage of the developed pattern, which will give the child with autism a sense of security.
  3. Be calm. With this attitude you will show the child that nothing bad is happening. On the other hand, your uncertainty, fear or grief will be quickly picked up by them and taken as an indication that things will indeed be bad. By remaining calm, you will be a support for the child at the time of separation.
  4. Communicate positively. A calm tone, a smile and positive messages such as "it will be fun, have fun, go to the playground with the kids, have a nice day" will help the child to adjust well to the new situation. It is important not to use negative statements, such as: "don't be afraid, there is nothing to be afraid of, don't cry anymore".
  5. Exercise patience. The adaptation period is a dynamic time. During your child's parting, things may get better once, worse once. Be supportive of him, show kindness and understanding, but at the same time be consistent with your goodbye plan.
  6. Trust the teacher. He or she knows that you are entrusting him or her with your most precious treasure and will do his or her best to help your child quickly adapt to the new environment. What you as parents can do is show your child a good attitude, calmness and reassure him that he is in good hands.
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