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The search for JiM angels in Gliwice!

Together with Parents, we are looking for Angels for children with autism! JiM Angels are special people - donors who provide constant, regular care for our children. It is thanks to them that we can help children with autism every day. We provide therapy, diagnosis, run JiM Schools. We give a chance for independence.
Do you want to become a JiM Angel? All you have to do is visit us at Forum Gallery in Gliwice :)!

For two weeks of the vacation, from 11.07 to 24.07 at the Forum Gallery in Gliwice, we will be waiting for all those who decide to wing it and regularly help our children - children with autism.

Anyone who wants to see us will recognize us without a problem. You can find us at JiM's Point! We are equipped with angel wings and JiM T-shirts. We also have little surprises for everyone who will meet us. If you just have a moment or happen to be planning to shop at the Gallery - you are more than welcome!

We will talk about autism, what life is like for our children and their families, what problems our children have to deal with and most important... how to become a JiM Angel in minutes!

It is thanks to JiM Angels that we are able to bring the highest quality help to children.
We provide them with constant, care and therapy. Without this, they don't have a chance for an independent, ordinary life.

So be sure to visit us at Forum Gallery in Gliwice or go to
and become an Angel for children with autism! 

May you grow wings !

See the gallery below for a report on the first day of the campaign, during which we were accompanied by parents of children with autism!

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