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Flooding has taken therapy rooms away from children

Friday's downpour ruined the headquarters of the JiM Foundation. Therapy rooms, the parents' club, locker rooms and the heating node on the lower level were completely flooded and unusable. The losses we have suffered may amount to as much as half a million zlotys. However, we are not stopping therapy! Despite the massive blow to us, we are doing everything to ensure that the children and their parents are not affected by the disaster!

It was a real disaster. From the first moments of the downpour, huge amounts of water flowed down Tatrzanska Street toward the foundation. A huge spillway formed on the roadway in front of the building. The collected water began to trickle in through the school's windows, poured in through the foundations, and broke out of the toilets. After a while, the entire lower level was flooded, and the water reached a height of half a meter. - We were helpless, we saved literally what we could, but the force of the element was enormous," says Tomasz Mazurek of the JiM Foundation, who was at work at the time and together with other employees tried to save the organization's belongings. - We are very grateful to the Lodz firefighters who came to us as quickly as they could to pump out the water.

Destroyed are the walls of the rooms, some of the windows, furniture, therapeutic equipment, specialized teaching aids, books and educational materials, therapeutic documentation, parent club equipment, computers, office equipment, and even the clay kiln used by the Occupational Therapy Workshop charges.

It is necessary to immediately secure the premises and disinfect them. The entire lower level will require professional dehumidification, then comprehensive renovation, replacement of electrical and sewage systems. Repairs may need to be carried out on the heat substation itself, which was completely flooded.

We need immediate help, not only to repair the loss as soon as possible, but also to protect ourselves from such situations in the future. We never want to see the Foundation in such a state again!

All those who want to help children get their favorite places back and allow therapy to continue can help at

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