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We awarded JiM Grants

Autism knows no boundaries. All over the world, parents and specialists are struggling with the problem - how best to help their child. They don't always find the answer. They don't have other parents around them, specialists, access to knowledge and money to acquire it. The JiM Foundation and the Autism-Europe Congress are helping them.

Once again, we have jointly awarded JiM Grants - scholarships that fund participation in the Congress for 30 people who cannot afford it on their own. We made the selection from 158 applications that came from all over the world. We took into account experience in the field of autism, the ability to pass on the knowledge gained to others, the financial reasons for the grant request, and the wealth level of the country (according to the GDP per capita index according to World Bank data).

Grants for the 2016 Autism-Europe Congress in Edinburgh were awarded:

1. Romina Sotelo, ARGENTINA
2. Md Mofijul Islam, BANGLADESH
3. Getaneh Dori, ETHIOPIA
4. Csilla Prekop, HUNGARY
5. Anurag Sharma, INDIA
6. Mehdi Ghanadzade, IRAN
7. Maria Teresa Espinosa, MEXICO
8. Almarie Mostert, NAMIBIA
9. Marilyn Willis, NEW ZEALAND
10. Anna Lubomirska, POLAND
11. Marija Karamucheva Uzunova, REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA
12. Iringo Vargancsik, ROMANIA
13. Catriona McRoberts, SCOTLAND
14. Natasa Sreckovic, SERBIA

1. Adriana Czelusniak, BRAZIL
2. Sonya Halan, CANADA
3. Wendy Heath, ENGLAND
4. Eirini Kladou, GREECE
5. Orsolya Nagy, HUNGARY
6. Same Gazal, ISRAEL
7. Daniela Lilliu, ITALY
8. Ieva Bite, LATVIA
9. Tanya Bezzina, MALTA
10. Bożena Chrostowska, POLAND
11. Dominika Jakubowska, POLAND
12. Małgorzata Wokacz-Zaborowska, POLAND
13. Irene Namubiru, UGANDA
14. Illin Johnson, UNITED KINGDOM
15. Mary Jo Clark UNITED KINGDOM

In addition to the grantees, JiM is also sending a 12-member delegation from Poland to the Congress, half of which are parents from around the country.

See you in Edinburgh!

The Autism-Europe Congress is the world's largest meeting of professionals, parents and autistic people themselves (self-advocates). The congress is held every three years, and this year it will take place in Edinburgh from September 16-18. To date, more than 1,500 people have registered to attend.

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