We are looking for
trainers for specialized training


About us

At JiM Foundation, we are creating a better world for people on the autism spectrum.
We raise awareness about autism to increase the acceptance of autistic people in society. We also operate our own diagnostic and educational facilities.

Who are we looking for?

Trainers providing online training

We would like to invite specialists ready to conduct trainings at JiM Foundation in the field:


Basics of autism - what is autism


Sexuality of autistic people


V-B mapp


How to deal with anxiety

Formal Requirements:

  • Master's degree or doctorate in psychology, pedagogy or related field

  • Experience in working with autistic people

  • Experience in providing online video training

  • A passion for imparting knowledge, sharing experience and a desire to establish relationships with trainees

Additional requirements depending on the training topics:

  • Training No. 2 "Sexuality of autistic people":
    postgraduate studies: clinical sexology or sex education

  • Training #3 "V-B mapp":
    experience with the vb-mapp tool

  • Training #4 "How to deal with anxiety":
    psychotherapeutic credentials


Scope of cooperation:

Conduct min. 4 trainings per year, by appointment

Opportunity to benefit from know-how JiM Foundation in terms of the program and substantive content of trainings

We anticipate one training session for approximately 4 clock hours (with a break)

We provide:

  • Recruitment and enrollment of trainees

  • Promotion of the training topic and the trainer-leader

  • B2B contract or contract - order

  • Attractive salary

We are open to new proposals for training topics for those involved in autism diagnosis and therapy . Please submit new topics and scope of trainings by email to: szkolenia@jim.org

How to send your application?

Please send your resume with a description of your work experience via the form.


We are recruiting until February 13, 2022.

We thank all those interested in cooperation for their applications.
We reserve the right to contact only selected candidates.