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JiM parents are telling other parents: don't be afraid to ask for help for your child. Collect 1% tax

There are various demonstrations. For raises, for jobs, for animal rights...
And we invite you to a PEACEFUL and POSITIVE MANIFESTATION of the dreams of parents of children with autism.

Where and when?

5.11, 12:00, Grzybowski Square in Warsaw

The goal?

We want to tell the whole world about the unique dreams of parents of children with autism. We want to show how many such dreams there are. And how many are you - wonderful parents and caregivers. Together with you, we want to look for Angels who will help us make these dreams come true. That is why on November 5 we see each other in Warsaw! There, during the MANIFESTATION OF DREAMS, each of you will be able to write your dream related to your child, show it to the whole world and speak it really loudly.

Why now?

Because soon we will have the PREMIERE of JiM's FIRST TELEVISION CAMPAIGN, in which parents of children with autism, will FOR THE FIRST TIME, SPEAK UP about their dreams. Also with the help of this campaign, we will be looking for Donor Angels who will surround the JiM Foundation children with permanent care.

Therefore, we ask you: bring your children, bring your grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles and, most importantly, bring the power of positive energy to the MANIFESTATION OF DREAMS IN WARSAW!

See you there!


Dear Parent,

Parents of children in need of help are very often afraid to ask for help. They are afraid to ask for 1% for their child and to set up a sub-account. They often procrastinate for many years and later regret it.

That's why 1%. I'll ask - is the slogan with which we, along with JiM Parents, parents who already have a sub-account, encourage all parents of children who need help not to be afraid to ask for that help.

Collecting 1% for a sub-account is the right of any child who needs therapy, treatment or rehabilitation.
It is the right of a child with any disability.

If you are a parent or guardian of a child with autism or other disabilities, exercise this right and don't look down on other people. Your child needs it.

What is a JiM subaccount?

On the JiM sub-account you can collect funds in the form of 1% of income tax or donations made to
by donors
and allocate them for your child's therapy, treatment and rehabilitation.
For someone to help, they need to know how they can do so.

Establishing a JiM sub-account, that is:

  • just 3 minutes
  • without any documents and formalities (you will send them later)
  • help for your child without any commission (keeping the sub-account is completely free)
  • a wide catalog of possibilities to use the amount collected (in special situations you can always communicate with us)
  • short refund periods (transfer of money to your account)

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