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KRS 0000127075
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Training - Autism. Evidence-based therapies

Training - Autism. Evidence-based therapies

The purpose of the training is to provide the course participants with up-to-date knowledge of recognized forms of therapy for people on the autism spectrum. The participant will gain knowledge of information collection and methodology for selecting evidence-based therapies (ways of selecting information, creating guidelines, etc.), the main principles of Evidence-Based Medicine, Evidence-Based Health Care and Evidence-Based Practice, the hierarchy of scientific studies (systematic review, meta-analysis, cohort studies, etc.). All methods considered effective will also be discussed.

The training is intended for professionals from various fields working with people on the autism spectrum and other disabilities (therapists, psychologists, teachers, doctors, etc.) and parents and caregivers of people with ASD.

Program Topics:

  • Evidence-based therapies (EBP)-what kind of therapies?
  • Why EBP?
  • Behavioral interventions
  • Other recognized methods of therapy
  • Non-established therapies- opportunity or threat?


  • 150 PLN / person.
  • 99 PLN / person. (for JiM Club members )

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