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JiM training in your city!

Do you want to explore more about autism? Learn about evidence-based therapy methods or explore the world of the spectrum? Take part in a JiM training! What's more, you can also organize it in your city!

Building autism awareness is a very important part of our activities. For years, we have been trying to spread knowledge about the spectrum, through social campaigns, parents' activities, as well as organizing trainings, led by specialists. The need to increase knowledge is great! All the trainings we organize, are very popular, both with therapists and parents. Unfortunately, many people could not make it to the trainings we organize, due to the excessive distance and limited time. It's time to change that! Let's build autism awareness throughout Poland!

Get training in your city!

Now anyone can organize training on autism anywhere in Poland. All you have to do is write to and express your desire to organize a given training! JiM Foundation will provide full support and assistance in organizing the event. We will help with the recruitment of participants, organizing the registration for the training, provide ready contracts for the rental or lending of the room, as well as provide the necessary materials and teaching aids.

To promote the event, the organizers will receive posters from the event, which can be hung up in nearby institutions. The message about the training will be posted on the website and published on social media so that as many people as possible will learn about it!

We organize training:

  • Sex education for people on the autism spectrum,
  • Autism - Evidence-based therapies,
  • Diagnosing autism spectrum disorders.
  • Autism - learn about the world of the spectrum.

The trainings are addressed mainly to parents of children with autism, therapists and teachers, students of pedagogy, as well as all those who want to expand their knowledge about autism.

Don't wait! Write today at

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