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You hit a six!

We already know the amount that donors gave to the JiM Foundation as part of their one percent tax return. We still can't believe it! Another record has been broken! PLN 6,270,000 flowed into the Foundation's account! With this amount we will be able to help more than 3,000 children from all over Poland.

The funds from 1%transfer to the JiM Subaccounts and will be used to directly help the children, especially for therapeutic activities, treatment and rehabilitation.

Raising such a large amount of money was possible thanks to the very active attitude of parents, who courageously and openly encouraged their family, friends and acquaintances to donate 1% tax.

Last year, the JiM Foundation used the money to fund more than 2,700 individual therapies, rehabilitation trips and therapeutic aids.

The JiM Foundation supports parents to actively collect! Anyone with a Subaccount can use free tools such as posters, business cards and letters of recommendation. We also advise on how to effectively raise funds from one percent tax.

During the campaign "Autism. Parents Ask "parents were able to ask questions, which were answered by specialists. Many of them concerned how to effectively raise money for the sub-account.
All the videos on how to actively raise funds from 1% can be viewed here

The tax office will provide detailed data on the funds collected in mid-October, at which time parents will also find out exactly how much has been credited to the subaccount in question.

Thank you to all donors for their donated support, and congratulations to the parents, you can be proud of yourselves!



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