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We commemorate the big heart of Mrs. Miroslawa

As much as PLN 200,000 was bequeathed to the JiM Foundation from Mrs. Miroslawa. This special person with a big heart wanted absolutely nothing except prayers. The Foundation wants her great gesture not to be forgotten. Yesterday we unveiled a plaque that will remind our children, guests and therapists every day of her big heart and extraordinary, beautiful gesture. This is the largest bequest the JiM Foundation has received to date


One day we were contacted by a bank employee with the information that the Foundation had been placed under a life insurance policy. From him we also learned that Mrs. Miroslawa was a single person, she had no close family and only he could talk to us about her. Mrs. Miroslawa was well known to us. For 7 years she had been regularly supporting the JiM Foundation by donating 20, 30 or 50 zloty each. We were always very touched by this. However, the amount of 200,000 zlotys, is a donation we could not imagine.

- We couldn't let this beautiful gesture go unnoticed, unrecorded, forgotten and was just a digit in the accounting," says Tomasz Michalowicz, president of the JiM Foundation. -. So for us, this is a testimony of a big heart and at the same time an extraordinary awareness of our Donor. That's why we will make sure that the memory of her accompanies the JiM Foundation every day. Because her bequest is not only money, it is first and foremost diagnosis, therapy and a better life for our children.

The money from Ms. Miroslawa's bequest secured therapy for dozens of children. It also made it possible to repair the damage from the storm's flooding of the Foundation's therapy rooms and secure them for the future.

In Poland, a bequest in a will to a non-profit organization is extremely rare. Although in a Kantar Millward Brown survey as many as fourteen out of a hundred Poles would consider including an NGO in their will, the reality is that individuals decide to make such a gesture. The vast majority leave no disposition, so when there are no heirs the property goes to the Treasury. It is worth leaving a good legacy and including in your last will a matter that will be important for generations to come. For us, this case is a fight for a better situation for children with autism in Poland.

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