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We have winged the Piotrkowska!

If Wladyslaw S. Reymont were alive he would certainly become a JiM angel. Today, five characters from the Gallery of Great Lodzers, whose originator and creator is Marcel Szytenchelm, have sprouted wings. This is part of the JiM Foundation's "Become an Angel" social campaign, which aims to attract regular donors for the autistic children it cares for.
In Lodz, too, we have scheduled the premiere, angelic, of the Foundation's fourth calendar.

In the course of the "Become an Angel" campaign (part of which was, among other things, the broadcast of nearly 2,000 special TV spots featuring parents of children with autism, or a "dream manifestation" of parents in Warsaw), JiM is looking for such Angels - Donors - all over Poland. Today it's time for Lodz. The campaign was supported by Marcel Szytenchelm - a well-known actor and animator of Lodz culture. Winging the statues from his Gallery of Great Lodzers, JiM Foundation volunteers searched for Angels among Lodzers on Piotrkowska Street. During the campaign, anyone can become an Angel and help children with autism and their parents make their dreams come true (how to do it? CLICK HERE and fill out the Angel declaration).

Today in Lodz was also the premiere of the extraordinary angel calendar of the JiM Foundation. On its pages were parents and children - wards of JiM. They thank "their" angels, who help them in not easy everyday life -
among others Julek and Mom Ewa: "To the Parents - for your courage in spite of the medicine in your heart" or Mom Ania and Dad Oleg, Kacper's parents "To Igor, for your steadfast faith in your brother and the strength of our family". Their confessions are one more proof of the need for continued support for families struggling with their children's autism. All the more so as autism is becoming a huge problem....

Be sure to see photos from our Winging of Piotrkowska in the gallery below:

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