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On vacations, children with autism are left alone

For children with autism and their parents, the vacations are a difficult time. There is a shortage of facilities where they will receive specialized care and can continue therapeutic activities. The "Open for Autism" campaign raises awareness of the need for such places, where it is safe with sanitary regime to leave a child in good care, and gives parents a chance to find them. The list of kindergartens and schools open to autism and the possibility to add new establishments is available at We want there to be as many such establishments as possible in Poland.

Lack of therapy can cause regression. Parents are anxious to provide their children with specialized care
during the summer with a sanitary regime.

"There is no vacation from autism. That's why in places that are open to autism there are care and educational activities still aimed at improving functioning. In such facilities, children can count on care from teachers and therapists throughout the year. It's a good practice for children not to change the facility during the holiday season, to keep the daily schedule and continue therapy," - says Tomasz Michalowicz, president of the JiM Foundation.

The JiM Foundation, dedicated to helping people on the autism spectrum, is conducting a nationwide campaign called "Open to Autism." Schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions are added to the list by parents. Places that have decided to open their doors to children on the spectrum must first ensure their safety according to the
accordance with the rules of the sanitary regime.

"The vacations for many families living with autism are a nightmare. Many children with autism, especially those who need more support, won't find an activity. They won't go to grandma's, let alone summer camps. A parent without the support of a school has to devote 24 hours a day to their child. And employers do not give parents of children with autism more than two months' vacation. That's why we show educational establishments, open during the vacations, so that it's easier for parents to organize a safe vacation time for their children, so that they continue their activities, of course, in accordance with sanitary safety, so that no child sits alone at home. We want as many establishments as possible in Poland to be open to autism ," says Tomasz Michalowicz.

"Opening facilities for people with autism is very important. On the one hand, a few months of sitting at home, interrupting therapy, and on the other hand, for working parents, this is the only way to be able to go to work. There is a shortage of activities, such as half-day care for our children, and the size of the vacation does not allow for care for the entire two months. This year, due to the epidemic situation, it's not just the families of disabled people who are having trouble caring for them, so all the more a big nod to the places that are doing their best to help." - Says Ola Kaluża, mother of Oskar on the autism spectrum. - here you can add a facility that is open to children with autism on vacations as well.

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