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Virtual game - real help!

Computer gaming and gaming reporting continues to grow in popularity. The benefits of online gaming are not only for gamers, but also for those in need! Increasingly, YouTubers are taking advantage of their popularity and raising funds for organizations or people in need while broadcasting. A great example is theYouTubers from the Ofar x Volten channel, who will host a live broadcast combined with a fundraiser for kids from the JiM Foundation.

The idea of raising funds through live broadcasts is similar to crowdfunding collections, which have been very popular recently, where Internet users donating money want to support a cause important to them or a person in need of support. The power of such events lies in the fact that the Internet makes it possible to reach a large number of people in a short period of time. In such a situation, even small amounts donated by the entire community often accumulate into a large sum.
The organizers of the broadcast will carry out a live broadcast on YouTube for ten hours, during which they will show how they play, talk to their viewers and engage them in active participation in the event. In addition to the broadcast itself, games with viewers and challenges prepared by the hosts are also planned.

Viewers interested in computer games watch such broadcasts because they can then see how more experienced people play and gain new skills. Around people who are streamers, that is, who conduct public broadcasts for their viewers, communities are formed that are united by having common interests, spending time talking about computer games and exchanging views with each other.
During the event, the hosts will talk about what the fundraising is for, while encouraging their viewers to actively support them. Since broadcasts of this type are usually made available for free and last for many hours, viewers make voluntary donations as a thank you, to the cause indicated by the organizers. In addition, with events of a charitable nature, participation can bring the satisfaction that comes from helping others.

One excellent example is the live event that Ofar x Volten prepared . The money raised from donations during the broadcast will be donated to help the children of the JiM Foundation. The event will take place on September 28 at 20:00 on the YouTube channel. Everyone is welcome to watch the broadcast and join the event!

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