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A Year of Success

This is going to be a special year. A year filled with successes. The small ones and the bigger ones. All thanks to the JiM Calendar, in which we present the most important achievements of our children!
If you believe that supporting children with autism is worth it, make a donation of PLN 68 or more and get this unique calendar!
Let it remind you every day how much good you are doing ❤.


JiM Calendar

The only calendar of its kind to help children with autism.
Performing in public, putting on short shorts, participating in a race - everyone has their own definition of success. Everyone achieves goals to the best of their ability.
At the JiM Foundation, we know that every new skill, talking to a friend, or even tasting a new dish is a real achievement for our children. That's why we want to show the importance of appreciating all successes.
You too can show that you support children with autism!

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JiM Club

The creation of this calendar would not have been possible had it not been for the involvement of members of the JiM Club, which brings together parents, caregivers of children with autism and adults on the spectrum

Support Club members and their children!
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