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KRS 0000127075
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Give me a chance for a better life!

My name is Peter. I am 7 years old.
Thanks to good people I can go to school.
I have autism, but I'm getting better and better.
That's what my Mom says. I need constant therapy.
Can you help me...?

Your help is a chance for children to become independent

The only chance for children with autism is systematic therapy. Thanks to it, they can learn how to cope with everyday difficulties. Each of your donations makes it possible for us to provide them with free help. Peter is making tremendous progress thanks to therapy, he is learning to function independently every day. But there are more children who need help. You can donate to take care of them. Together we can change their lives for the better!


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Children need your help

See what you can donate to children in need,

making a donation.

is a set of pictorial communication pictograms for non-speaking children such as Peter
is a specialized therapy that Peter and other children badly need on a daily basis
is a tension-reducing quilt for children who can't handle their emotions

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