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More than 9 million zlotys from 1%!

We are happy to announce that contributions from 1% tax amounted to more than 9 million zlotys. 9 million 300 thousand to be exact, and although this is not yet the final amount we already know that we managed to collect a sum greater than last year. And that's by a bagatelle ... more than a million zlotys! The upward trend has been visible for several years now. And it's all thanks to people with big hearts!


The 1% results are the result of the Foundation's year-long activities and the hard work of a huge number of people. It is also the best proof that the fate of autistic people is not indifferent to Poles. Social campaigns and actions such as: "Quiet Hours", "Poland in Blue", "Christmas Campaign", as well as presence in the media contribute to increasing awareness of autism and the activities of the JiM Foundation in society.


Every day we fulfill our mission and create a better world for autistic people by, among other things, educating them, breaking myths and stereotypes, or showing what the daily life of people on the spectrum looks like - what problems they face and what barriers they have to overcome. Awareness of their needs and the scale of assistance translates into seeking opportunities for support. One of them is precisely the annual opportunity to donate 1% tax.


That's why today we thank all the people with big hearts who have decided to support the activities of our Foundation. Money from 1% has for years been used by millions of families to cover costs associated with, among other things, treatment, rehabilitation, therapy or the purchase of specialized equipment. The same is true for the JiM Foundation, where the funds raised in this way will be credited to the subaccounts of our charges and the statutory goals of the JiM Foundation. So that we can continue, hand in hand, to work for the benefit of autistic people!

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