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Welcome to the 2016 OPP Festival

There are various demonstrations. For raises, for jobs, for animal rights...
And we invite you to a PEACEFUL and POSITIVE MANIFESTATION of the dreams of parents of children with autism.

Where and when?

5.11, 12:00, Grzybowski Square in Warsaw

The goal?

We want to tell the whole world about the unique dreams of parents of children with autism. We want to show how many such dreams there are. And how many are you - wonderful parents and caregivers. Together with you, we want to look for Angels who will help us make these dreams come true. That is why on November 5 we see each other in Warsaw! There, during the MANIFESTATION OF DREAMS, each of you will be able to write your dream related to your child, show it to the whole world and speak it really loudly.

Why now?

Because soon we will have the PREMIERE of JiM's FIRST TELEVISION CAMPAIGN, in which parents of children with autism, will FOR THE FIRST TIME, SPEAK UP about their dreams. Also with the help of this campaign, we will be looking for Donor Angels who will surround the JiM Foundation children with permanent care.

Therefore, we ask you: bring your children, bring your grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles and, most importantly, bring the power of positive energy to the MANIFESTATION OF DREAMS IN WARSAW!

See you there!

Already on Sunday 7.02! Join us for a unique OPP Festival organized by the JiM Foundation.
Wonderful dance shows, musical performances, a fencing show - these are some of the many prepared attractions,
that await you. We meet on Sunday at 10 am in Lodz Manufaktura.
Be there with us and choose the organization to which you will donate your 1% tax this year!

Planned attractions:

  • Performances by singer and actor Piotr Rogucki (leader of Coma), the band Hazard and the Lodz Gospel Group, Irish dance shows performed by Feirin, as well as hip-hop routines and a go-now fencing show - these are selected attractions that local public benefit organizations (PBOs) have prepared for our Festival.
  • During the course of it, the organizations will persuade Lodz residents to donate their 1%
    from their annual tax to foundations and associations operating in the neighborhood.
  • From 12:30 pm to 1 pm - A drawing by invited guests of this OPP is scheduled,
    To which they will donate their 1% tax.

The festival will be held throughout Sunday (from 10 am to 9 pm) in the rotunda of the Manufaktura shopping mall. During the event, more than 20 PBOs from Lodz and the surrounding area will show off their achievements, as well as show what they do on a daily basis, who they support and how. Together we will thus convince the people of Lodz that it is worth donating your 1%

The organizations help on a daily basis, among others, the disabled, seriously ill, children with autism, the homeless, run hospices, create family orphanages, support the blind or diabetics. All festival participants will have special booths, where they will be happy to answer all questions. In addition, there will be demonstrations and performances on stage throughout the day.

At 12:30 p.m., invited guests will draw a lottery for a public benefit organization to which they will donate their 1% tax . Among those invited to participate in the drawing are Hanna Zdanowska, president of Lodz, Marcel Szytenchelm, Magdalena Michalak - journalist, TV presenter, Mariusz Jakus, actor, and musicians of the
group Blue Cafe and Trabanda.

You are cordially invited :)!

Detailed schedule of the Festival to be seen below.

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