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Light up blue

Parent, you too can get involved!

Poland On Blue is a social campaign aimed at making as many people as possible aware of what autism is. By speaking out about autism we increase awareness, as well as tolerance among the public. Let as many people as possible in your city learn about the campaign!

1. print out a letter(DOWNLOAD LETTER) encouraging companies and institutions to participate in the Poland Blue campaign by lighting their buildings blue on April 2, International Autism Awareness Day.

2. send a letter or take it to a company or institution of your choice. If it expresses its willingness to join the action (which we strongly believe!) let it light up its building in blue on April 2.

And in addition, on the day of the final day of the Poland In Blue campaign, which is April 2, publish a social media post with photos of blue-lit buildings with the hashtag #PolskaNaNiebieko.