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JiM Club discounts

JiM Club discounts


JiM Club members with a membership card can enjoy discounts and rebates, prepared especially for them!

Open for Autism businesses, together with us, strive to create a better world for people with autism and their families. Places that participate in the program offer discounts and rebates on selected services or purchases.

How to take advantage of discounts and rebates? When making purchases, show your named member card and pay less!


SEN-SI 5% therapeutic gadgets / online store Warsaw mazowieckie
Active Tourism TRAMPUS 5% rehabilitation holidays Bolszowo Pomeranian
TAIRON Tourist Office 5% rehabilitation holidays Lublin lubelskie
POLANIKA Rehabilitation Center 5% rehabilitation holidays Chrusty swietokrzyskie
Psychological studio 10% clinic / training Gdynia Pomeranian
BOOKARNIK - for child and family 30% books / online store Rumia Pomeranian
NZOZ NG DENT free dental clinic (teeth varnishing, tartar removal) Tarnów Malopolskie
LA SPEZIA 15% pizzeria Lodz Lodz
KNIEJA - Training and Recreation Center 5% - 10% rehabilitation holidays, accommodation Rajgród podlaskie
Non-public psychological and pedagogical counselling centre KRAINA WYOBRAŹNI (THE COUNTRY OF IMAGINATION) 10% - 20% Diagnosis, therapy, rehabilitation 20%, polysensory activities 10%, training, workshops - 15% Pabianice Lodz
THE MYSTERIOUS FOREST 10% school events, birthday parties, expeditions, camping trips Gdansk Pomeranian
DOBRZYCOWKA Corner of Inspiration 10% offer of accommodation and active recreation, use of the current offer of workshops and activities for adults, youth and children Dobrzyca zachodniopomorskie
Center for Diagnosis and Support in the Development of Children and Adults 15% Neurologopedic, speech therapy, psychological, pedagogical, sensory integration, eating disorder therapy, and therapy conducted with the Krakow Method Szczecin zachodniopomorskie
SIUTAJ Ltd. 10 zł PLN 10 on the offer price of an hour of rehabilitation (currently it is 15%) Zaborze Silesian
Therapeutic Preschool Point SMALL MAN 5% - 15% 1. 15% discount on one-time consultations with all specialists, i.e. Psychologist, special educator, speech therapist, neurologist, physiotherapist, Sensory Integration therapist 2. 10% discount on permanent therapeutic classes, one of: Therapy of Developmental Disorders, Pedagogical Therapy, Training of Social Skills (TUS), Sensory Integration, Physiotherapy, Logopedics, Neurologopedics; 3. 5% permanent discount on therapeutic kindergarten tuition fees Warsaw mazowieckie
Salon optyczny DLA OKA Magdalena Bilska 10% For all purchases and 2 years warranty Lodz Lodz
SOUP CULTURE 20% for all soups Warsaw, Wrocław, Łódź, Poznań
Club cafe "JASNE THAT ALTERNATIVE 21" 15% food and beverage services,92,spoldzielnia-socjalna-jasne-ze-alternatywa-21 Częstochowa Silesian
Restaurant "GORĄCA KIE£BASIARNIA." 10% restaurant, catering services Lodz Lodz
WARSZTACIAKI 15-20% (discount amount depends on the order) creative workshops Piotrków Trybunalski Lodz
MIUFACTURE 15% online store, women's fashion All Poland nationwide
HAPPI 40% hyperbaric chamber Inowrocław kujawsko-pomorskie
NON ALIIS 100 zł rehabilitation stays / a discount of PLN 100 for each person signing up for a stay All Poland nationwide

Want to do something good for others? Show that your company is Open to Autism!
Support families who are members of the JiM Parents' Club by giving them discounts, rebates and supporting them in their daily challenges. At the same time, increase the number of your customers!

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