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Become a Partner

Let's create a better world for neurodiverse people together with your company


Realize the potential of your company and show others how cool it is to help. People in the spectrum can be supported in many ways, together let's work out a tailor-made solution for your Company. As a Foundation, we have extensive and reliable knowledge of the CSR area, which together with the Partner we can put to good use. Thanks to business cooperation, we develop access to diagnosis throughout Poland and conduct educational activities, so important in the common understanding of non-neurotypical people. Contact us, let's do something good together!


Let's join forces to realize the potential of non-neurotypical people by opening a path to the labor market for them.


Just one hour a week is enough to start a cycle that is the beginning of a change for neurodiverse people and their participation in public life.


Does your Company want to get involved with neurodiverse people? Let's work out a tailor-made solution together.


Support the JiM Foundation's work for neurodiverse people by making a donation.

What do you gain as a Company?

Together with us, you will plan a common CRM strategy based on the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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  • The satisfaction of helping to make the world an even better place for neurodiverse people,
  • Increase awareness as a socially responsible employer,
  • Access to professional knowledge on neurodiversity,
  • Ability to receive designation as a Neuro-Diversity Friendly Company
  • Participation in extensive event communications conducted by the Foundation and a number of image benefits,
  • Tax deductibility of donations incurred

You already know that your Company wants to create a better world for non-neurotypical people with us, but you don't know what we could TOGETHER do?

Write to us, we'd love to talk about it:

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