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JiM occupational therapy workshop

JiM Occupational Therapy Workshop

Occupational Therapy Workshops

Occupational Therapy Workshop is a form of activation for adults with disabilities. Our most important goal is to prepare them to function better in everyday life, improve their social skills and activate them professionally. Every day, 45 participants take part in therapy, learning independence by using various studios and therapeutic aids.

The ongoing therapy for adults takes place in small groups, so we can approach each workshop participant individually and focus on developing passions and skills.

The JiM Occupational Therapy Workshop includes nine studios - Social Skills and Vocational Activation, Life Resourcefulness and Re-education, Art, Theater, Wood, Printing and Information Technology, Ceramics and Sculpture, Weaving and Housekeeping.

Therapy plans are created on the basis of functional diagnosis and Individual Rehabilitation Programs. At the Occupational Therapy Workshop, we make sure that all participants are able to find their way in a small social group. With the help of special occupational therapy methods and techniques, we strive to make work a pleasure combined with the responsibilities of each participant. In special cases, participants are covered by additional supervision by external specialists. In the workshop, we prepare for organizing one's workspace, the ability to focus attention on a task, adhering to a daily schedule, building social and economic skills. The workshops also work on the ability to correctly maintain relationships with other people and provide assistance when needed.

Occupational Therapy Workshops are:

  • Therapeutic work under external supervision
  • Strengthening social skills
  • Development of professional competence
  • Developing cognitive processes such as visual perception, ability to concentrate or cause and effect thinking
  • Training of social skills and resourcefulness of life

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 16:00
Saturday - Sunday


Tatrzanska 105, 93-279 Lodz
Tel. +48 42 643 46 70

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