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Mission and vision

JiM Foundation's mission and vision

The mission of the JiM Foundation is to create a better world for people with autism. A world where every person with autism can realize their potential. Why is this so important? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), autism affects 1 in 100 children, which means there are 400,000 people with autism in our country. However, the spectrum does not affect only this specific number, but also the parents, siblings or caregivers of these individuals and this already creates a large group of society ca. 3 million people. The JiM Foundation works to improve the daily lives of autistic people and their loved ones.

How do we achieve our mission?

We achieve our mission through:

  1. Increasing access to diagnosis and therapy

We provide in-person and online training on autism, provide opportunities for JiM Foundation grants, and conduct:

  • JiM club for caregivers of autistic people and adults with autism
  • JiM clinic, JiM kindergarten and JiM schools
  1. Building acceptance for people with autism

Educating about autism contributes to the public's awareness of the spectrum, as well as the needs and behaviors of those affected. This helps build understanding and acceptance. Different does not mean inferior - we believe that activities spreading knowledge about autism promote good relations between people on the spectrum and neurotypical people.

In building acceptance for people with autism, we are assisted by the educational program and social campaign POLAND ON BLUE, the finale of which falls on April 2 - World Autism Awareness Day.

  1. Support for adults on the autism spectrum

The situation for adults with autism in Poland is very difficult. After the age of 24, they have no opportunity for further education, and are often disconnected from the environment they know and in which they feel safe. There is a lack of systemic solutions that meet the needs of adults with autism. Our goal is to change this - in line with the slogan of creating a world where every person with autism can realize their potential. The advocacy campaign led by the JiM Foundation supports building systemic solutions to support adults with autism and improve their situation.


You can help too As few as 1 in 100 children have autism. Change their lives for the better. I'm helping