KRS 0000127075
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KRS 0000127075
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Donate 1.5%


Pomóż swoim 1,5%! Razem stworzymy lepszy świat dla osób neuroróżnorodnych


How can you donate 1.5%?
It's easy! You have 3 ways to do it:


Take advantage of the free online PIT program. You can find it by clicking the TRANSFER 1.5% button

- The program is intuitive and easy to use. Fill in the required fields, and based on them the program will automatically recalculate the values for the other fields.

- By choosing online billing, you will save your time and reduce the risk of making a mistake.

- With the help of an online program you will settle your PIT without the help of an accountant!

If you are settling your tax in the traditional way, enter KRS number 0000 127075 and the amount of 1.5% of your tax calculated by you in the "Request for 1.5% donation" section of your tax return.
Press the button and download the forms.


If you are a pensioner and do not file a tax return, you can donate 1.5% by submitting a PIT-OP to the Internal Revenue Service. Enter the KRS number 0000 127075 in field C.9. of the PIT-OP form.




How will your 1.5% help?


Only regular therapy is a chance for people on the spectrum to have a better life. The earlier it is started, the better their chances for an independent future.

Legal Aid

Udzielamy bezpłatnego wsparcia w postaci porad prawnych wszystkim osobom neuroróżnorodnym, z niepełnosprawnościami, zagrożonym wykluczeniem społecznym oraz ich rodzinom i opiekunom.


JiM Schools are educational and therapeutic facilities for children on the autism spectrum and with other disabilities, where we focus on raising students' functioning and implementing them into society.


At the JiM Foundation, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and the knowledge and experience of top specialists.

Pomóż swoim 1,5%! Razem stworzymy lepszy świat dla osób neuroróżnorodnych

Donate 1.5%