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Student Internships

Student Internships


Undergraduate students and postgraduate students, in the fields of study:

  • psychology,
  • oligophrenopedagogy,
  • Pedagogy (special, preschool and early childhood),
  • Therapy and education of children and adolescents with autism and Asperger's Syndrome,
  • pedagogical preparation,
  • occupational therapy,
  • pedagogical therapy,


  • Student internship at the Foundation, which provides assistance to people on the autism spectrum and their families
  • acquire practical professional skills and expertise in the various areas covered by our activities
  • Support from expert supervisors during the internship
  • A certificate of apprenticeship, which includes information about the activities performed, information about the skills acquired during the apprenticeship, an opinion about the apprentice
  • constant contact with the Foundation
  • information about emerging job opportunities


  • referral from university
  • contract with the university
  • NNW insurance for the duration of the internship (within the scope of the student or the university)
  • internship logbook


Do you want to start a student internship at JiM and have a referral from your university?

  1. Fill out the application form at www.
  2. Selected Candidates will be invited to an interview with a JiM Foundation representative. Regardless of the outcome of the interview, you will receive feedback from us
  3. If all goes well, we will invite you to sign an internship contract.
  4. From this point on, you and I will be creating a better world for people with autism!


IMPORTANT: If you decide to do an internship, you must have a valid accident insurance policy during the internship.

If you have additional questions about the internship, write to us at:


We can also arrange a meeting or lecture at your university and tell you what we do and what an internship might look like for students in your field of study. 

Due to the entry into force on 1.10.2017 of the Law of May 13, 2016 on Counteracting the Threat of Sexual Crime, the JiM Foundation is obliged, before establishing cooperation with the Intern, to verify the candidate/candidate and obtain information on whether his/her data is included in the Register of Sexual Offenders with so-called restricted access. Verification of candidates before allowing them to practice in a children's facility is a statutory obligation and there are no exceptions to it.
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