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Peter, the child you can't see.

There are children who do not speak.
They don't speak at age 3.
They don't speak at age 5.
And they may never speak again.

There are children who can't eat.

They are fed by their mother. She feeds them when they are 2 years old. When they are 5 years old.
Perhaps she will feed always.
With the same spoon she bought for the toddler.













There are children for whom the world causes pain.

The touch evaporates, and the sound drills in
with a vibrating falsetto.

That's what autism can be like.
And children that no one wants to see.

It doesn't have to be that way! But it is hard work.

Hours spent in the therapy room. Hours of practice, trial and error.
Smaller and larger successes.

Months before the word "mom" appears. Maybe short, maybe awkward. But it's enough to make you weep with happiness for a day.

Years, to the first sandwich he ate on his own.

All childhood, to the words: "I love you, Mom."

To go alone to school, to the store, maybe even to work!

To the self-reliance won by the strength of a few years old.

How much does it take for the world to see?

How much does it take for you to see?

See Peter, Martynka or Krzys.