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Why we won't go to Opener this year

JiM has been a guest at Heineken Opener Festival for several years. We exhibited a booth in the NGO zone, conducted autism workshops, and our JiM Team patrolled the festival grounds and educated attendees about autism.

This year we decided not to apply for participation in Opener. Why?

First of all - as it is in JiM - if we do something, we do it well. And then Opener is a huge effort. Months of preparation. In developing workshops, competitions, creating (and funding) prizes for participants. Every year we measure how many Opener participants we have reached. How many took part in our workshops and contests. The number was always between 500 and 1000 people.

The JiM Foundation is growing rapidly. Our therapy center is diagnosing and taking more and more children under its therapeutic wings. Parents' clubs are sprouting up all over Poland. We are launching more programs for Donors, thanks to which we can finance our activities.
We are very grateful to the festival organizers for hosting us so far. Thanks to them we were able to intensify the Foundation and reach many people with information about autism.

However, we asked ourselves. Could the effort we put into preparing for and participating in the Opener bring our children better results elsewhere? The answer is - yes. Therefore, this year we will not apply to participate in the Opener.
Of course, we keep our fingers crossed for all those who apply. It really is worth it!

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